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Iversity Graduate College of Medicine,Miyagi,Japan Division of Cardiovascular Surgery,Keio University,Tokyo,Japan Second Department of Surgery,University of Occupational and Environmental Health,Fukuoka,Japan Division of Cardiovascular Surgery,Kawasaki MedChemExpress Hematoporphyrin (dihydrochloride) Health-related School,Okayama,Japan Department of Gastroenterological Surgery,National Kyushu Cancer Center,Fukuoka,Japan Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery,Graduate College of Medicine,The University of Tokyo,Tokyo,Japan Division of Cardiovascular Surgery,Nihon University Hospital,Tokyo,Japan Department of General Thoracic Surgery,Faculty of Medicine,Kagawa University,Kagawa,JapanTokyo,Japan Department of Surgery,Yokohama City University,Yokohama,Japan Department of Common Thoracic Surgery,Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine,Osaka,Japan Department of Gastroenterological Surgery,Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine,Osaka,Japan Division of Thoracic Surgery,Jichi Medical University,Tochigi,Japan Department of Cardiac Surgery,The University of Tokyo Hospital,Tokyo,Japan Department of Cardiovascular Surgery,National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center,Osaka,Japan Department of Common Surgical Science Graduate School of Medicine,Gunma University,Gunma,Japan Division of Cardiovascular Surgery,Sakura Medical Center,Toho University,Chiba,Japan Table Questionnaires sent out and back by the finish of December Sent out (A) Cardiovascular surgery (B) Basic thoracic surgery (C) Esophageal surgery Returned Response rate ( . . .Gen Thorac Cardiovasc Surg :Abstract from the surveyWe sent out survey questionnaire types towards the departments of each category in all institutions ( cardiovascular,common thoracic,and esophageal) nationwide in early April . The response prices in every category by the end of December were and . ,respectively. This high response price has been retain throughout current survey,and much more than response price in all fields in survey has to be congratulated.Table Categories subclassified based on the amount of operations performedNumber of operations performed Category Cardiovascular surgery Esophageal surgery Common thoracic surgery Final report(A) Cardiovascular surgery Initial,we are quite pleased with all the higher response price to our survey of cardiovascular surgery (which unquestionably enhances the high-quality of this annual report. We pretty much appreciate the huge effort place into finishing the survey at each participating institution. Figure shows the improvement of cardiovascular surgery in Japan over the last years. Aneurysm surgery involves only operations for thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm. Pacemaker implantation includes only transthoracic implantation,and transvenous implantation is excluded. The amount of pacemaker and help device implantation operations is not included in the total quantity of surgical operations. A total of ,cardiovascular operations had been performed at institutions for the duration of alone and integrated heart transplantations,which have been restarted in . The number of operations for congenital heart disease ( instances) decreased slightly compared with that of ( situations),and . reduce when compared with the information of years ago ( circumstances in. The amount of operations for adult cardiac disease (situations in valvular heart illness,,cases in thoracic aortic aneurysm,and situations for other procedures) improved compared with these of ( and . ,respectively) except for PubMed ID: ischemic heart illness (circumstances),which decreased . of that in . In the course of the final years,the numbers.

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